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Arad Institute of Higher Education , offers modern, efficient and effective education services by providing a safe and modern educational environment and a core of a highly educated program respecting the differences in the learning style of students.

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1- Helping to improve the level of knowledge and culture in society
2- Creating a suitable environment for increasing access to higher education
3- Generalizing and developing applied and specialized higher education
4- Reducing social demand to enter formal higher education
5- Providing continuous education for knowledge Students of universities and higher education institutions

Qualified Teachers

One of the basic rules of higher education institutions is that all teachers must have a master's degree or higher. Arad Institute is proud to announce that several members of the academic staff of different universities are present in this center and organize specialized courses of this institute.

International Certificates

The certificate provided by Arad Institute of Higher Education is issued by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and can be submitted to translation bureaus for official translation. So the degrees of this institution can be considered as part of your academic resume at the international scope.

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