Foreign Languages

English Language Course:

After the Second World War and the fundamental changes in the world system and the faster development of science and technology, the political, economic and commercial power of the United States, the English language became especially important. The need to communicate with the emergence and development of the Internet and the creation of social networks also made this language more popular. The production of English language and media content, including films and animations of the world's major film production companies, increases the audience of this language day by day. In addition, the role of English language in continuing education and many educational and job opportunities in advanced and English-speaking countries and TOEFL and IELTS international tests have raised the need to learn and master this language more than ever among the people of the world. Therefore, every year, many volunteers register and receive training in different institutions of the world and country to teach this language. Today, what is important in the meantime is the up-to-date and creative education in accordance with the modern methods of teaching world languages ​​and the use of up-to-date topics and content and expert professors in the specialized field of English language, which creates differences and distinctions between educational institutions and the effectiveness of these courses. By identifying the needs and requests of adult applicants, Arad Higher Education Institute has designed more than 10 different courses in this field, among them is General English Language. This course has been developed based on European standard levels (CEFR) in 6 levels from beginner to advanced, which prepares applicants in the four main language skills and knowledge of structure and vocabulary.

German Language Course:

Say hello to the most industrialized country in Europe. German language is the language of today's engineering science. If you have decided to learn German, it must be said that you have chosen one of the most widely used languages ​​of Arad Higher Education Institute. Learning German allows you to expand your life horizons and create many more options in your job and immigration opportunities. The German language has many words to say such as:

- German has the most speakers in Europe.

- Germany has the third largest economy in the world.

- Knowing the German language creates many job opportunities.

- Germans spend the most money on tourism.

German is the official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Belgium.

Ten reasons to learn German

⊕ Germany is the most important trade partner of Iran in the world.

 ⊕ Germany is an important industrial country and offers suitable facilities for students to continue their studies.

 ⊕ German is the second most important foreign language after English in the world and is spoken more than any other language in the European Union.

 ⊕ The headquarters of many international companies is in Germany.

 ⊕ German language is the second language of science in the world.

 ⊕ Most European tourists who travel to Iran are Germans.

 ⊕ The similarity of the structure and especially the vocabulary of the German language with the English language makes it easier for Iranian language learners to learn German.

 ⊕ Many Iranian books were written by German orientalists and there has always been a friendly cultural atmosphere between Iran and Germany.

 ⊕ German is the language of Goethe, Nietzsche, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Kafka, Freud and Einstein.

 ⊕ Those who learn German will get to know the language of one of the largest centers of culture, art and philosophy in Europe.

Introducing the German language teaching method: Starten Wir

 The series of educational books starten wir has recently replaced the books (Menschen) and is designed for students interested in learning the German language and is approved by the Goethe Institute in Germany. Currently, the book series starten wir is the latest German language teaching method for the age group over 18 years old, designed and marketed by Hueber publishing house. The method of these books is designed based on the current needs of language learners in a way that makes learning the German language easy. Each book consists of 4 parts, a total of 12 short lessons and contains everyday topics in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

French Language Course:

French language is from the group of Indo-European languages ​​and from its Latin branch. It is surprising that 220 million people in the world are fluent in French. The French language has spread beyond its borders rather than being spoken within its borders. According to the statistics published by the Ministry of Culture of this country, this number is increased by 8% every year. The reason for such a welcome is the cost that the French government has assumed every year so that this language remains among the official languages ​​of the United Nations.

 French is the main language of international science and knowledge. It is the language that includes the most scientists in the world. The ability to create new compounds in this language is so wide that it is known as the only language with the ability to reproduce words. In addition to being spoken in France, French is one of the official languages ​​in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland and 51 other countries, most of which are located on the African continent.

 Since the French language is studied and developed by scholars and the French language academy, it has been considered the language of geniuses and scholars. In Iran, since the past, the attention and teaching of this language has been very popular among teachers and students.

 In order to strengthen the cultural relationship between this language and Persian speakers, this institution has started its activities with firm steps and hopes to be a leader in this important matter.


Features of the French language

 It is based on the Latin alphabet and has twenty-six simple letters.

 In addition to simple letters, compound letters and marked rough letters are also used in the writing of this language.

Teaching French in Arad Higher Education Institute

 French language training is held at the Arad Higher Education Institute at the adult level.

The French language courses of Arad Higher Education Institute are:

 Beginner: debutant



Arad’s educational system:

 Emphasis on all 4 main skills of conversation, grammar, dictation, phonetics

(conversation, grammar, dictation, phonetiqul)

 Mastering these 4 skills will greatly help students to equip themselves with useful French language tools.

 The French language system of Arad Institute of Higher Education is in line with the current world method and prepares the learner for international assessment.