4/8/2018 5:19:18 PM

The Significance of English Communication

The Significance of English Communication:

Nowadays, knowing English is a necessity for the ones who want to study medicine or succeed in management, because they can share the practices and experiences of other people in the world and keep their knowledge up to date in close contact with the others. In addition, in recent years, the human need to have a common language to communicate and to advance social and scientific goals is felt more and more. Therefore, learning English, which has become the language of communication among the people of the world, has become the first priority of scholars, business people politicians, scholars, and others.

Currently, English is the mother tongue of more than 350 million British, American, Canadian and Australian citizens. Millions of people around the world are learning this language to meet part of their scientific and cultural needs in human societies. According to many linguists, language is a skill to learn a lot. Since the language learning process is very slow and time-taking, this process should be intermittent, continuous and long, otherwise its effectiveness will be reduced.

At Arad Institute for the first time, specific classes are designed exclusively for the English language conversation. Applicants can only focus on two oral skills in their four language skills, participating in these courses.

This course is divided into two complementary levels of intermediate and advanced with an average of 8 semesters and 10 semesters respectively. Listening and speaking are two skills that are focused in this course.