What is a TTC course?

The TTC or Teacher Training Course is a course that prepares people with a good level of English to teach English.

TTC courses focus on several skills:
Increasing learners’ knowledge of new teaching methods and understanding these methods
Using English Language teaching methods in TTC classes and getting learners to know the environment and how to manage the classroom
DEMO to recognize learners ‘abilities and reduce learners’ stress in holding an English language teaching class
Knowing the strategies and techniques needed to enhance the language of learners who intend to take IELTS courses
In addition to other training centers, TTC courses are also offered at ARAD for those who intend to teach English. Those with a TTC degree from ARAD or willing to have an international certificate can also attend some supplementary courses, which are highly accredited by ITI in collaboration with Kian Academy, required for work in English-speaking countries.