Arad Club

Arad Club

Arad Institute of Higher Education has launched the Arad Club with the aim of improving organizational behavior and creating a warm and intimate atmosphere among its members, faculty, students and staff. The club hosts numerous non-educational programs such as nature tours, gallery tours, cafes, cinemas, sports competitions, festivals and numerous cultural and social events.
Students interested in Arad Institute of Higher Education can participate in the program’s many programs and even offer exciting programs in the process of implementing the program.

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Latest events

On the occasion of World Migratory Birds Day, a tour of nature was conducted when a number of Arad Institute’s students and professors visited Kani Barazan International Wildlife Refuge with the presence of the head of the province’s Wildlife Conservation Office.

Arad hiking tour to Kani Barazan Wetland in Mahabad, which was conducted by the management and coordination of the Environment Agency, was attended by about nine Arad students.

The Minoan Bird Paradise, known as Bird Paradise, is the country’s first birdwatching site and is home to dozens of migratory and indigenous bird species.

Visiting the Urmia Wildlife Museum was another part of the one-day tour.